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May 20 2015

I’ve never once wanted to be skinnier for boys but i wanna starve myself for girls lol cause they’re better than me

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to all cat owners following me….tell your cats that i love them. gently poke their paw pads and let them know i care

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I’m sick of temporal plans. I don’t want to hang out next Wednesday, let’s chill after the next thunderstorm. Meet me when it’s 75 degrees. Time isn’t real.


Hey y'all
Who wants to ask me some questions

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May 19 2015

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thinking you can enjoy anything “ironically” if you’re doing it by yourself it like thinking you can pee ironically. Tell yourself it’s a joke all you like but at the end of the day you’re watching/reading/listening to it and enjoying yourself when nobody else is around


me casting evil spirits out of me home

“ get the fuck you you fucking pieces of shit I did not ask for you * waves incense* this smells so good get the fuck out”

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Anna-Sophie Berger


i’m loving the positive hoe culture i’ve been seeing lately. i’m a hoe, you’re a hoe, we’re all hoes!! FUCK IT UP HOES!!!!!!

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The Front Bottoms - 12 Feet Deep

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