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May 19 2015

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*talking to own terrifying invasive thoughts*

look fucker. meet me irl not in brain see what happens.

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When your cat is a better cosplayer than you :”3

cosplayer - Honey:3

photographer - Ulira 



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friendly reminder not to phunk with my heart 

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🌸🌸 I love flowers so much I’m sorry for spamming you guys 🌸🌸

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When I find myself in times of trouble
Brian Sella comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, “probably”

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Currently in a hammock

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My two very pretty books of poetry available for $5 here for download while I work on my third chapbook for you all to enjoy!

hey guys it’s that time again! 

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Get all of Joelle’s exclusive pics on the app: http://mimp.findrow.com

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